Stay At Home Mom Jobs – Be A Telemarketer!

For someone to learn a skill in the older days was considered to be a difficult task and required a lot of effort. As time passed, gaining and learning skills became easier and easier.

Mentors and teachers became more accessible, information was readily available and science and technology improvements were all aiding this.

It no longer takes hours of travelling to reach a skilled person, but merely a laptop, phone and an internet connection. This has helped create many stay at home mom jobs since they no longer need to physically travel to learn and earn.

A growing trend of telemarketing has enabled many employers to hire people who work from home and perform their tasks without being present in the office space. Telemarketing jobs may be either inbound or outbound.

What is telemarketing?

Marketing, for a company, is a very important department and action. It is concerned with creating awareness about the company and its products to the target audience.

At times, companies have multiple people working in marketing departments because it is considered to be one of the core activities of a business. The act of telemarketing is creating awareness of the company’s products by calling individuals or getting contact with them by scheduling appointments – hence the word ‘tele’, for verbal communication.

This is called outbound telemarketing, since the telemarketer is calling the customer. Another type of telemarketing is inbound telemarketing. However, it is mostly done in proper offices or call centers and it is unlikely that an inbound telemarketing opportunity arises for home based work.

Earning Via Telemarketing Or As A Telemarketer:

Telemarketing is a relatively simple, non-techincal task. The telemarketer is given a list of numbers, and is required to call on them and inform the receivers about the products or services offered by the company they are working for.

People who work from home can do telemarketing jobs and make a decent amount of money, for not only local but also for international clients since a lot of companies – local and international – require telemarketing agents who work from home. Companies give a high value and importance to their marketing and therefore pay well.

On average, a telemarketer in the United States can expect around $10+ per hour of work, which sums up to a nice amount for someone who wishes to work from home, either as a primary source of income or a part-time source of income.

And not only this, some companies also offer a basic salary plus commission package for every client you successfully convince to purchase the company’s product or service. Commission is based on every sale and is added to the total amount an employee is to receive.


The job market is so quick and complex that many are unaware of this lucrative industry. It is, in fact, true that outbound telemarketing is a good way to work and earn from home.

It is also a good earning opportunity for those who may lack qualifications for other certain jobs, since these jobs usually do not require a strong academic background.