Why Managers Don’t Like Employees that Work From Home And Why it Doesn’t Matter

The concept of working from home is pretty new to the corporate sector. While freelancers and the like have been working from home for decades now, corporations are still not quite used to this idea and many view it with suspicion and hostility.

If you suggest to your manager that you can work from home, they might be a little reluctant to let you do so. Even if they agree to it, they might be uncertain about how much work you are actually doing.

Lack of Visual Representation

You see, when you are at your office you are right in front of your manager. Hence, your manager would be able to watch you working and this would prove to them that you are pulling your own weight in the company.

However, when you are at home your boss would have no visual representation of your productivity. This might lead them to assume that you are not doing any actual work. After all, managers need to feel like they are in control! Without this sense of control, they can get quite antsy about the performance of their underlings.

Why it Does Not Matter

To all of you out there: we do not live in the sixties anymore. Companies these days are focused on one thing and one thing only: results.

If you are assigned work, do it as quickly as possible. Submit it before the deadline and you are going to notice that your manager is going to be very happy with you no matter what because they would be able to justify their decision to allow you to work at home.

It is important to remember that they are answerable to people as well, so if you give them no reason to be told off by their superiors, they would have no reason to tell you off either!

How to Make it Easier

Perhaps the single most important thing you can do, in order to improve your company’s viewpoint on the fact that you work from home, is to keep yourself open to communication. There are situations where your boss would need to talk to you as soon as possible.

This is a lot easier in an office space since you would be right in front, easily accessible. If you are working from home, they would have to call or email you and this can get quite stressful if you take ages to reply.

Hence, you should set up a notification system that would inform you as soon as you get a ping from your workplace. Emails, text messages and the like are just as important as calls.

Alternatively, you can join a message board that would be perfectly suited to your needs as a remote worker. These message boards can provide a central location for all company based communication to occur and can make it easier for you to get your manager to approve of your work style.